Frequently Asked Questions

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A:  Yes. Government or non-profit organizations located in eligible counties in the 15 states with the highest number of persistently poor counties may apply. Indian Tribal Organizations (ITOs) are the governing bodies of any Indian tribe on a reservation and are considered government organizations.
A:  No, they do not have to be physically located in eligible counties to apply. State or local government or non-profit organizations can submit a proposal for an eligible county when the project targets work in the eligible county.
A:  Only state and local government and non-profit organizations can apply, but they can include funding in their budget for partners or affiliates that are national and/or for-profit.
A:  No. Project strategies do not have to include all seven nutrition assistance programs. Projects should target two or more nutrition assistance programs. A USDA-FNS Child Nutrition program must be among one of the programs targeted.
A:  Nutrition education programs such as EFNEP or SNAP-ED are not targeted by the grant. However, EFNEP or SNAP-ED employees involved in efforts toward policy, systems, and environmental changes are eligible to apply for grant funding as long as project strategies focus on increasing coordination among USDA-FNS Child Nutrition programs and other nutrition assistance programs in eligible counties.
A:  Payments will be made on a cost-reimbursement basis. Grant recipients will send invoices for work completed to the RCPNC Principal Investigator (PI). The RCPNC PI will review invoices to ensure costs are reasonable and appropriate. Upon PI approval, invoices will be submitted for payment.
A:  The set-up of the application requires a value to be entered for each question in order to move on to the next page. An electronic copy of the application is now available for viewing purposes only. All applications must be submitted through the online application, unless other arrangements have been requested. Please CLICK HERE to download a PDF (62KB) of the application.
A:  Yes. Specify what tasks require the use of sub-contractors and include information to support your decision to sub-contract these tasks for your project.