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Center Evaluations

Great works often get unexpected results. The Rural Child Poverty Nutrition Center (RCPNC) wants to be sure that we capture both the expected and unexpected results. To better look at all the results, RCPNC developed a comprehensive evaluation plan to recognize both how projects decided on programmatic efforts (process) and the actual programmatic achievements, expected and unexpected, of the funded projects.

Quantitative (information from data) and qualitative (information from what people say) evaluations are being conducted by our team of researchers. RCPNC team researchers are currently evaluating how coordination can improve the welfare of communities targeted by the grant. The evaluations will help us understand how different programs and strategies employed by our grantees, along with their coalitions, can improve outcomes. Our evaluation strives to identify and refine how organizations can impact communities through these kinds of partnerships to improve coordination among child nutrition programs, improve program delivery, and increase program participation.

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Quantitative Evaluation

Qualitative Evaluation